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Freddie and Fannie announced today maximum conforming loan limits increase

Today, Fannie and Freddie announced the maximum conforming loan limits for our areas will increase to $484,350 starting January 1st, 2019.  This is a HUGE jump from this year's current limit of $453,100.  Earlier today, FHFA published its third quarter 2018 House Price Index (HP) report.  According to FHFA's seasonally adjusted, expanded-data HPI, house prices increased 6.9%, on average, between the third quarters of 2017 and 2018.  To read the full report .

One Lender thinks Interest Rates are going up soon -- maybe 2%.


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Hi Sharon,

Bloomberg and Jamie Dimon, JPMorgan Chase and Co. CEO, announced that mortgage rates should be 1% higher, and could be 2% higher soon. Mortgage rates follow the 10-year note closely. Today, the 10-year note is at 2.93%.

On Q’s average loan amount is $275K. At that loan amount, borrowers will save $349/month, which is close to $4K/year. Buying a home today could save you $40K over the next decade.

Rates are going up due to the rising economy and increasing job market. Those who buy today will benefit from a lower mortgage payment while their earnings rise.

Contact me today to discuss what the benefits of owning a home would look like for your client’s situation. 

Monthly payment savings example is based on a 30 year fixed Conventional mortgage loan of $275,000 with 3.5% down. Savings estimated is based on current interest rate of 4.625% vs increased interest rate of 6.625%. Monthly payment comparison is used for information and educational purposes only and does not depict any actual loan.

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What is the deal with Zillow changing its Zestimates?



Bottom Line is ..... pricing is both a Science and an Art ---

The Market determines the price.

As a Realtor, I have a trained real estate value inner ear.

As an addition, good marketing and fast turn-around on all inquiries helps Home Sellers obtain the highest price.

As always, it is my goal to help you reach your personal real estate goals -- never any pressure, just information.



Happy Memorial Day!!! I will be working.


Hope you are having and will have a fantastic Memorial Day Weekend!

If you have a real estate question or need, please know I am working this and every holiday and easily available to you.

Real Estate is my passion, and work is fun for me.

I understand that when your life slows down for a minute you have an opportunity to consider the possibilities.

As always, it is my goal to help you reach your personal real estate goals; never any pressure, just information.



Should you sell your current home or keep it as a rental?


Deciding whether to keep your current home as a rental or sell it before or after moving is often a difficult decision.  There are pros and cons for each side.,

Thank you Rachel Hollinger of First American Exchange Company for your article....

It would be an honor to meet with you and run numbers on both keeping your current home and selling it.

Remember, if you can answer yes to the following question, there is no capital gain tax on profit when you sell your primary residence.....,

Has this property been your primary residence for 2 of the last 5 years?

As always, it is my goal to help you reach your personal real estate goals; never any pressure, just information.

Should I wait until my house is fixed up to put it on the market?


One of the objections sellers often have when asked to list now is that they need to fix up their property.

We all want to get top dollar for our property. With the many things you can do to help increase your property’s value, waiting to sell because you’re waiting to make repairs might not be the best plan if you’ve been waiting six years to paint your house. Waiting to sell because your home isn’t as up-to-date as it could be puts a lot of responsibility on you, the homeowner. If you have a busy life, it’s likely those projects will take a long time to get done, so waiting to sell until you have your home updated could be a seller procrastination in disguise, and definitely something to avoid.

Each situation is different.

As always, it is my goal to help you reach your personal real estate goals; never any pressure, just information.

With rising interest rates, how much will waiting to buy cost me?


Mortgage rates are living up to expert predictions and have continued to increase as we approach the halfway mark of 2018.


The good news is that rates are still near historic lows. However, if your clients are considering waiting to buy, they should understand what it could COST them as we don’t expect the rates to slow down soon.


Encourage your clients to take advantage of today's rates because it can COST (a LOT) to wait with them on the rise.


See how much a higher interest rate could cost you in your monthly mortgage payment here:


*Mortgage rates are based on a 30 year Conventional home loan of $250,000 with 

an  interest rate of 5% and an APR of 5.424%.


Thank you Sandra Smith for this chart!!!!


Sandra Smith 
On Q Financial 
Mortgage Consultant 
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What should Sellers disclose?


One of the questions sellers ask on a regular basis is about what they need to disclose about the property they want to sell.

From the Georgia Real Estate Commission:

The definition of disclose by Webster’s Dictionary is “to open up; to expose to view; to make known or public.” All of these descriptions apply to real estate brokerage in a very direct message. As a general rule of thumb when deciding whether something needs to be disclosed or not, consider the following: if the party that does not have the information might make a better informed decision with the information, it should probably be disclosed.

As always, it is my goal to help you reach your personal real estate goals; never any pressure, just information.

New Listings increased 6.8% in April


Georgia Association of Realtors reports.....

New Listings increased 6.8 percent to 16,623. Pending Sales were up 14.8 percent to 13,425. Inventory levels shrank 15.5 percent to 32,114 units. Prices continued to gain traction. The Median Sales Price increased 9.5 percent to $219,000. Days on Market was down 13.6 percent to 51 days. Sellers were encouraged as Months Supply of Inventory was down 21.1 percent to 3.0 months. This winter and spring exhibited unseasonal weather patterns in much of the country. As the seasons change to something more palatable, wages and consumer spending are both up, on average, which should translate positively for the housing market. Being quick with an offer is still the rule of the day as the number of days a home stays on the market drops lower. If that wasn't enough for buyers to mull over with each potential offer, being aware of pending mortgage rate increases is once again in fashion.


to read the full report ...




Congratulations to everyone graduating from preschool to PhD and beyond.

More than 12,600 students are graduating this month from Gwinnett County public high schools, the largest number ever. 

Gwinnett daily post article showing the Valedictorian and Salutatorian of each of the Gwinnett County High Schools


Interesting statistics below, computed from above article

High School     # of graduates/# honor graduates/% honor graduates


Archer                  633/324/51%

Berkmar               613/5/1%

Brookwood            838/286/34%

Buford                  139/61/43%

Central Gwinnett   495/75/15%

Collins Hill             711/218/30%

Dacula                  406/98/24%

Discovery              485/64/13%

Duluth                  618/157/25%

Grayson                715/215/30%

Gwinnett Online     135/14/8%

GSMST                  177/86/49%

Lanier                    435/143/33%

Meadowcreek         603/90/15%

Mill Creek               911/299/33%

Mountain View        567/114/20%

Norcross                 771/195/25%

North Gwinnett        694/305/44%

Parkview                 663/232/35%

Peachtree Ridge       801/281/35%

Shiloh                     487/64/13%

South Gwinnett        624/71/11%



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