7.13.21  real estate is healthy -- what do you want to find?  A smart buyer properly prepared and easily available can find a great house and be the winning bidder if multiple offers.
Whether you want to buy now, later in 2021, or sometime in the future, it is not too early to call me.  It is good to have a Realtor you know, like and trust that knows who you are and is available to you when you have a real estate question or need.

Dear Buyer,

Finding the correct home, negotiating the best deal and coordinating the perfect timing requires expertise, information and the ability to aggressively look out for the clients best interests.  Buyers, carefully choose the person you want to represent you as you make this major purchase.   Real estate is my passion and I have been doing it so long you can trust both my knowledge and instincts.  With more than 25 years experience as a RE/MAX Realtor, I know how to successfully walk with you through the entire process.

Many Buyers today enter the home buying market super educated, but during the process may encounter unexpected issues.  In this changing market buyers are often surprised by the limited inventory, increasing prices, and offer terms.  Oftentimes Buyers are preplexed at the competitive situation they find themselves in when making an offer.  Buyers can be surprised when they learn things like: termite letters are no longer required, lenders can not order appraisals directly, the limits of septic inspections, and what earnest money forfeiture really means.  The experience gained in walking this path with multiple clients on a regular basis for almost 30 years enables me to help Buyers successfully choose, close and move into a home. I know how to find the very best deals, how to win in competitive situations and how to protect buyers so they are not surprised by something after they move into their new home. No matter when you plan on buying it is not too early to contact a Realtor.  Send me an e-mail or give me a call.  It is my goal to help you reach your personal real estate goals--never any pressure, just information.

Looking forward to talking with you, I am



Some of my buyer stories.....


CT...Wanted to find an amazing deal in a specific school district.  She started out at a certain price point, upped that price point by $80,000, and then found her new house in the lower price range.  You have to look to understand and know your options; I will show you houses until you are comfortable you are making the best decision for you.

DW...First time home buyer wanted a specific type of house on a large piece of land.  He won the bid for a property desired by several buyers.

R&NJ...Moved in with friends while making the move to Georgia.  Wanted to get a place of their own yesterday.  We looked at everything that fit their parameters from Loganville to Flowery Branch through several long days of looking.  They chose a great house.