New Home Buyer


New Construction is thriving.  Here in Gwinnett and surrounding counties several new home subdivisions are offering great products and market prices.

If you have decided to purchase a new home it is a good idea to have Buyer Representation. The on-site agent represents the builder and/or developer. Frequently, things go relatively smoothly.  However, that is not always the case. (The stories you see on the news are often about new home buyers that did not have Buyer Representation.) Outlined below are three situations where Sharon was able to assist Buyers that had chosen her to represent them in their new home purchase.

1)  As a Buyers Agent, Sharon verified the promised completion date with the on-site agent just one week prior to the scheduled closing date. The home was not ready on the Friday as promised, the county would not issue a Certificate of Occupancy. Sharon's Buyers had to vacate their current residence on the scheduled closing day. Sharon was able to negotiate with the Builder for the buyers to move their belongings into the garage and basement of the new home. Furthermore, the builder reimbursed Sharon's Buyers for hotel and eating expenses until the closing day.  

2)   Another of Sharon’s buyers selected a home with a deck built off the back of the house. Beyond this deck was a steep slope and Sharon’s Buyer had concerns. This Buyer felt that the deck was not secure. The meeting with the Builder and the subdivision Superintendent did not have the desired outcome. The Builder and Superintendent stated that the deck was very secure and offered to fix the deck later should it turn out they were wrong.  Sharon consulted a structural engineer who verified that the buyers' concerns were sound and valid. After much back and forth, the Builder rebuilt the deck well prior to closing.  

3)  Sharon's new home Buyer bought a pre-sale. He chose carpet, paint, cabinets, etc. and put down the large builder deposit (not earnest money). Four months into the process and just three weeks before closing, the Buyer decided to quit his job and move to Tennessee to become a Pastor,(yes, it is true). Sharon negotiated a full refund of his builder deposit. 

Until the laws changed in January of 1994, all real estate agents in Georgia represented the Sellers. Now you, the Buyer, can have someone look out for your best interests. Buyer Representation is a right most experienced and educated Buyers choose. Interview Sharon today!!