Letter to Buyers

Happy Holiday season!

Dear Buyer,


Many Buyers today enter the home buying market super educated.  However, in this changing market buyers are often surprised by the dwindling inventory and increasing prices.  Oftentimes Buyers are preplexed at the competitive situations they find themselves in when bidding for the best houses.  With more than 25 years experience, I am well versed in helping Buyers purchase a home in a Sellers Market. I know how to find the very best deals and how to win in competitive situations; Sellers ask for "highest and Best" -- not "highest"  No matter when you plan on buying, it is not too early to contact a Realtor.  Send me an e-mail or give me a call.  It is my goal to help you reach your personal real estate goals--never any pressure, just information.

Finding the correct home, negotiating the best deal and coordinating the prefect timing requires expertise, information and the ability to aggressively look out for the clients best interests.  Buyers, carefully choose the person you want to represent you as you make this major purchase.  I am a full-time Realtor and real estate is my passion.  With more than 25 years experience as a RE/MAX Realtor, I know how to look successfully walk with you through the entire process.

Looking forward to talking with you, I am



Some of my recent buyer stories.....


CT...Wanted to find an amazing deal in a specific school district.  She started out at a certain price point, upped that price point by $80,000, and then found her new house in the lower price range.  But you have to look to understand and know your options.

DW...First time home buyer wanted a specific type of house on a large piece of land.  He won the bid for a property desired by several buyers.

R&NJ...Moved in with friends while making the move to Georgia.  Wanted to get a place of their own yesterday.  We looked at everything that fit their parameters from Loganville to Flowery Branch through several long days of looking.  They chose a great house.